Welcome to the KikiVerse,
created by the legendary artist

with over 1200 extra cute hand-drawn traits and over 100 unique and fully hand-drawn and animated characters that have been in the making for over six months.


  • bas1cal
  • Cyborg
  • Clover

The cutest entertainment
brand on Solana

Think multi-dimensional, only the sky is the limit!

At KikiVerse we don't want to limit ourselves. We think web3 is all about pushing the bounderies, open-mindness and a multi-chain future.

We love all things art and music! That's why we aspire to combine art and music in unprecedented ways, as a rarity trait and beyond.

shaping the future together

At KikiVerse, our greatest asset is the wisdom of the community. Therefore, it is of great importance for us to listen to you and adjust the course together, without losing sight of the big vision.

For this reason, we have consciously decided against a static roadmap.

Instead we are opting for a dynamic visionmap, based on our concept for KikiVerse as a decentralized entertainment brand, while being open for input and ideas by the community.